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About Us

Safari Gifts began as a love affair with a country so far away yet so close to our hearts.....

Safari Gifts is a two-man show, husband and wife. We both are born and raised in Africa, so it was natural for us to bring some of our culture along with us. Having a desire to share with others what we love so much about Africa; hence the beginning of Safari Gifts.

Our small business began at the mall. We rented a kiosk and filled it with beautiful, unique and intricately hand carved pieces from Tanzania and Kenya. Getting such a good response from the good folks of Peoria, Illinois during our 3 months stay at the mall, we thought, "why not let the whole world see these intricate pieces", which got us started on webpage.

At this point we made a special trip to Tanzania and Kenya to collect other marvelous carvings to add to our collection. We were there for 3 weeks and had a wonderful time. Going on Safari was amazing which any animal lover should experience.

After staying at the mall, we found a great place for a storefront opposite the Peoria riverfront. Located near other great art shops we thought this was the perfect place for us. We operated in a storefront for a year, meanwhile finalizing the webpage.

Having welcomed a new member in our family, we decided to give up our storefront and continued with our online store. We are happy with the way it all turned out. Our products are reaching more people and more people are able to appreciate African Art, the way we do.

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Safari Gifts
998 Shoreline Dr
Aurora, Illinois 60504
(309) 453 8873
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